Rugs too Needs Looking After

Who wouldn’t love to have clean, well maintained and perfect rugs? Believe me with few basic tips and guidelines this task can be done successfully.

a)      We must buy a  decorative rug pads to spread underneath the rug. This will not only save it from the direct wear and tear but shall also keep the rug from shifting from its place, which they generally do if light in weight or if they are spread on tiled floors.

b)      Next important step is to keep it clean. Sometimes accidentally we happen to spill our tea, coffee or any other liquid on the rug. The best thing to do under such circumstances is to take care of it right away. The liquid spillage should be gently blotted with a towel. One thing to keep in mind is that the liquid should not be rubbed with the towel, this way it will spread to other parts as well and we will end up with a bigger stain. Once the excess liquid is absorbed just dab the affected area with wet cloth and mild soap or you can put stain remover on that spot and lighten the stain.

c)       Although vacuuming is the best way to get rid of dust and dirt, all rugs cannot be vacuumed as vacuuming eats the pile of the rugs. In such cases to loosen the dirt and dust particles shaking by hands is recommended. Larger rugs that are not easy to handle with hands can be hung and then the dust can be beaten out of it.

d)      To prevent uneven wearing of the rugs it must be rotated every one to two months. Certain rugs are bound to get more wear and tear due to their location, but this damage can be saved by rotating it with other rugs around. This way if you are using multiple rugs they will look more uniform in appearance.

e)      It is very important to make sure that the rugs don’t smell bad. Sometimes because of the weather or not proper cleaning a particular odour is emitted from them which leave a bad impression. It is good to leave the windows open sometime for the sunlight to fill the room. The adequate light in the room will prevent the moths and insects from getting to the rugs.

f)       Cheap cleaners should be avoided for cleaning the carpets. Cleaners with high concentration of soaps are not recommended for cleaning the rugs. Natural cleaners made from organic materials are best to use.

g)      Last but not the least it is good to get the rugs cleaned professionally once a year.


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