Bring Natural Light in Your Home and Office

Human body cycle works according to its external conditions, as a person living in a better environment certainly feels better in various perspectives. Natural light and heat are two most important factors associated with each other; which can significantly change the performance of human body.

Increasing the amount of natural light can not only affect us physically or psychologically but also financially as it can save loads of electricity. In terms of physical fitness it helps in reduction of eyestrain and leads to better vision and psychologically it leads to better mood and improved concentration which is quite important with current lifestyle. Only few below mentioned changes in the home decor and interiors can improve the amount and quality of natural light in your home.

1)         Maximize light using large window panels and sheer curtains or pulling back curtains if you are using heavy material versions. Fold the shades or blinds as well whenever not required. Do not keep heavy furniture near window area; because that may come in the passage of natural light.

2)       Use lighter shades of colours on walls so that walls can reflect the amount of natural light. If you have used darker shades on wall then use upholstery in lighter tones.

3)       Using mirrors in opposite to the source of natural light can also increase the amount of light in room as they will reflect and spread the light across the whole room.

4)       If your house has limited windows or there is no window in the hallway then you can use glass with grill doors depending upon your budget and security requirements.

5)       You can also use skylights if they are within your budget as they can create a good atmosphere in day as well as night.

So, now you can easily make your home harmonious, environment friendly as well as pocket friendly by opting for any of the above mentioned changes without restoring your home.


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