Decorate Your Homes With Exquisite Furniture Items

It’s the intricately carved and sturdy furniture pieces that end up making the home look like a home. The much needed panache and style to the home is added by various items made out of wood, and they become the attractive focal points of a room by adding a distinctive appeal to the interiors. Wooden furniture for homes is created out of different woods like mango wood, sheesham wood or just simple Dakota furniture.

Dakota furniture

These exquisite furniture pieces are created innovatively by skilled craftsmen who show their immense talent in hand crafting wood. Hundred percent solid mango woods is used for these pieces .There is a lot of care and skill that is focused towards the creation of these pieces and they in turn help to create an aura of warm and a friendly ambience.

The whole process involves procuring the best quality wood, treating it with the right materials, and then the craftsmen intricately carve the furniture items. But don’t you worry, the intricate work does not make the furniture pieces delicate, these beautiful wood items are strong, durable and sturdy. It has been seen that Dark Shade Dakota furniture pieces have found a strategic placement in homes for generations to come. They are displayed proudly for years and years. They may be found in two shades namely oak and dark shade.
Mango wood furniture

The bark of the mango is cut and treated and then used for making furniture items. This wood is treated to make it eco sustainable and comfortable. These mango wood furniture items are hand crafted mostly and are made after the mango wood is kiln dried properly. Have you ever seen those vintage houses possess elephants carved on wood?
These elephants stand majestically straight with raised trunks and are considered lucky mascots in a variety of cultures. This solid wood promises the user years and years of service and can accommodate huge load of weight if placed on them. The Mango wood furniture on which carvings are done have some visible marks and natural inclusions. Don’t worry about them as they add to the beauty and structural integrity of the furniture pieces.


Sheesham wood furniture

Sheesham wood furniture occupies one of the top most positions in furniture items. Its top quality wood and is got from a straight upright deciduous tree. The color of the furniture wood ranges from oak color, golden to dark brown, etc. The wood is extremely durable and is used widely for various purposes like boat making, wooden furniture, floorings, etc. The sheesham wood furniture is made attractive by hand crafting and is not affected by dry wood termites.

Sheesham wood furniture is also called Indian rosewood furniture and is classified amongst most people as a “wooden wonder”. The furniture has an ethnic look and is world known for its grainy texture and elegance. The wooden furniture is exquisitely carved by skilled craftsmen and is available in the form of trays, stools, wooden bench sets, bar units and round table sets. This furniture is taken as one of the finest veneer timbers and gives a feel of the colonial times


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