Let the water drip on to a luxury bath mat

Want to convert your bathroom routine into a pleasurable and more personal activity? Then step royally into the soothing softness of Bath Mats rugs that will prove to be a treat for your tired toes. The Luxury Bath mats are super- soft polyester rugs that are used to dry and support your feet after a bath. The superior comfort rendered by the fast drying and ultra-absorbent prevents the bathroom from ending up as a watery bath tub. They help in keep the bathroom dry and skid resistant. Let’s see what should make our choice:

Fabric used
These Bath mats are available in different materials like cotton or polyester. The Cotton bathmat is soft and always retains its original freshness. The mats are made out of naturally stain resistant materials and remain perked up for years to come.

These rich textured bathroom mats are available in vibrant steadfast colors and can be easily washed in the washing machine. Do you remember how it feels when you step out of the bath on a cold chilly morning and you have to place your feet on the freezing floor? Well, no more, just spread out the famous stylish bath mat and enjoy a luxurious experience of a lifetime.

When one finishes the bath the water droplets slip on to the floor and make it slippery wet. The bath mats make sure that one doesn’t slip or fall in the bathroom; rather the wet feet sink into welcome and warm curled polyester luxury bath mats. They add to the décor of the bathroom and bring a splash of color to the drab and cold bathroom.

The bathrooms mats need to be kept clean and dry so that there is no mould formation in the mats. Bathroom mats are of two types. One of the mats is placed inside the bathtub and the other one gets a place outside the bathtub. The one placed inside the tub prevents the person from skidding inside the tub and the one outside acts as a drying carpet. It absorbs the water.

Flag Stars and Stripes Bathmat

Flag Stars and Stripes Bathmat

Anti mildew
Generally the bath mat sets are like a thick towel and they have a rubber edging attached to the back that helps it to stick to the floor and preventing movement. This rubber base also makes sure that mildew does not collect under the mat and air circulates freely.

Bathroom size
The total area that you want to cover decides the size of the mats. It should provide adequate coverage and also needs to be proportionate to the size of the bathtub. They come in different shapes and one can spread out more than one rug in the bathroom, one near the sink, one long runner bath mat rug, etc. The basic shape and size of the bathroom will help in deciding the size of mat. And by the way take care that when the door is opened the rug doesn’t stop the movement.

These bath mat sets are for the bathroom and water constantly drips on to them, they are walked on regularly, so they need to be made out of very durable material. The non-slip surface, cushioned pile weave, machine washable, and rubber backing on base should be the basis for the choice.

Leave white color for your dresses, they just may not look white anymore if spread out in the bathrooms.


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