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Dress your Bed with Flat /Fitted Sheets

Buying a proper bed sheet is an art in itself. Usually it’s the colour and the design that catches our fancy when we look for bed sheets. Yes, for a quick makeover these two things matters a lot but the quality of the fabric must be taken into consideration. Good department stores always ask for the kind of bed sheets you are looking for .i.e. flat or the fitted sheets.

ImageGenerally, if we are planning to have sheets for the kid’s bedroom, it is advisable to have fitted sheets. Reason being that the fitted elastic corners fits in well with the mattress and the sheet stays at one place and do not crumple while tossing and turning at night. Grown-ups can use both these kind of sheets. When making the bed place the flat sheet on top of the fitted sheet with nicely hemmed three to four inches border hanging down on either side.

It is best if we go in for bed sheets above 200 Thread Count. Higher the thread count, better the quality. The sheets will be more soft and smooth. Sheets with thread count higher than 300tc are considered to be of luxury quality. Nothing can surpass the quality of cotton flat and fitted sheets.

ImageThese are equally comfortable in summers and winters. In case you are allergic to chemicals and dyes, there is a wide variety of organic cotton sheets in the market. For fitted sheets it’s utterly important to know the size of the mattress, for any variation in size can have clumsy effects. Be smart and before getting on the shopping spree make yourself aware of all the basic facts that would make dressing up the bed a wonderful experience!