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Top 4 Table Linen designs for this Feast

Christmas embarks the birth of Jesus Christ and Easter depicts his resurrection. Subsequently, for many, Easter carries more significance and a day to purchase, cook and bring in new assets. Interior decor stays favourite amongst all of us when it comes to festive shopping. At the Homescapes store, this Easter, a range of stunning Table Linens is available at 40% discount.  Check out the following 4 most popular table linen at Homescapes online store.

Table Linen

Table Linen

Russian Doll Print

Colourful Russian dolls printed on the Linen bestow a heart warming yet exciting visage to the entire table cloth runner. Weaved out of 100% cotton, the linen exhibits a bright look with the multi coloured dolls complementing the cheerful mood of the feast. Add to it the similar print napkins, seat covers and placements that work in sync with the overall design. The size at 17 x 70 Inches covers medium sized dining tables effectively.

Christmas tree Print

White Linen sheet with bright coloured Christmas trees printed all over syncs well with the Easter theme as well. This hand woven sheet makes the threads more strong yet flexible to fortify it from stains and scratches. Red coloured napkins and seat pads coordinate well with the overall look and feel sparked by the Table Linen set. The sheet is available in 2 different sizes: 54 x 70 Inches and 54 x 90 Inches.

Gold Snowflake print

Yet another bright white Linen sheet with dull coloured golden flakes imprinted all over. While the design is easily visible from a distance, the golden colour combination goes perfect with that of the furniture. This cotton sheet is available in the same two sizes as the Christmas Print sheet. Napkins, seat pads and runners with similar designs complete the conglomerate.

Prince Edward Tartan Tablecloth

After all the Table Linen should be of effective use even after the festive season! This stunning red coloured sheet with broad boxes as demarcated by dark green lines makes for a perfect spread on the Easter eve and any other routine day. The bright red sheet would work sync well in a room with light coloured walls. Available in the 2 standard sizes, it is easily washable with no fear of the colour withering away.