Knitted Pouffes and Cubes Footstool

The latest sitting style which has revolutionized all the sitting space is pouffes. Cubes, spheres, elongated squares; they come in different fun and exciting shapes. Just like an Aeron chair chalked out the ordinary desk chairs in 1994, this seating revolution has brought a new change in this era. It looks sophisticated yet very homely and comfortable. These pouffes can blend in with any kind of home setting be it traditional, contemporary, electic, asian etc.

The latest eye catching pouffes and cubes to its wide range of home furnishings, carefully hand knitted by skilled craftsmen. The shades used are very pleasant to the eyes and will draw compliments to your home styling for sure.

Knitted Pouffe and Cubes from Homescapes

Knitted Pouffe and Cubes from Homescapes

Enhance the looks with beautiful Throws

Green-Sofa-ThrowsBe it a modern, traditional, contemporary or eclectic designed homes, bed throws in the room has a place in each style. Lots of color, pattern and designs always helps to elevate the mood of the space and this can be easily achieved in the living room with the use of colorful sofa throws.

There are number of ways it can be put to use. Either throw it on the back of the sofa or drape it on one side of the couch or roll it into a basket and place it on a table or spread it on the seat of the sofa.

Throws are available in ample fabrics and styles. If planning to redo your living room then many good stores can be taken into consideration like the Debenhams, Houseoffraser, Nationaltrust. There is a wide range of home bed throws, sofa throws and blankets available with lots of designs and styles and with wide choice of fabrics like cotton, acrylic, organic, woolen etc.

The drabbest of living room can look cheerful and welcoming with the right choice of curtains, rugs, scatter cushions and bed and sofa throws.

Top 5 designs for cushions

Decorative Scatter Cushions

Top 5 designs for cushions

Cushions are known to add beauty, calmness and personality to a home’s décor and aesthetic. Available in myriad shapes and sizes, these cushions can transform a simple and unnoticed corner of your home into a spectacular space. However one needs to be careful while choosing the cushions as different sizes and designs signify different things. We have compiled the top 5 designs along with their significance that can help you choose the best cushions for your home.

Multi-coloured or single coloured Sequins

If you’re planning to revamp your living space and add a touch of glitter and glamour then decorative cushions with sequined designs are the best options. A cushion can be fully sequined or can be partially sequined, it can have multi-coloured sequins or single-coloured sequins; the idea is to select the sequined design that complements the vibe of your living space and adds to it effortlessly. Sequined designs can also look great on scatter home cushions placed in your lobby area.

Patchwork designs

Patchwork might be old but it still carries the same charm and uniqueness. Patchwork looks great on large cushions which you can place in your bedrooms or in your living room. You can have cushions with creatively designed patches such as heart shaped patches, patches of different kinds of flowers, patches of small or large bows, patches of faces of famous public personalities etc.

Vintage designs

Perfect for large cushions and scatter cushions, vintage designs are sure to appeal those who like to experiment and want to add a subtle touch of the old era to their home décor. You can have vintage designs with prints of faces of famous actors and actresses such as Marilyn Monroe and Audrey Hepburn from the old times, prints of vintage telephones and gramophones, monochrome prints of people wearing vintage clothes and much more.

‘All things travel’ designs

For the avid travellers who consider themselves the citizens of the world, travel designs can be perfect. Travel oriented prints make a home feel like a travel museum. Ideal for home large cushions and cheap cushions, these prints can depict various world famous travel destinations, beaches, monuments, Seven Wonders of the World or even post cards and travel tickets of different places.

Stripes and checks

There are some things that are best left simple and cheap cushions and scatter cushions definitely belong to this category. You can buy these cushions of different colours and place them together in the bedrooms and the lobby area. Stripes and checks also make for great prints for these cushions. Monochrome checks and stripes are a huge rage this season.

Sofa Bed – An Asset for the Living Room

In this ever growing world, with growth in the population the land seems to be getting squeezed. Living in big palatial homes has become a dream for most of the people. Of course exceptions are always there. Few lucky ones do enjoy the big bungalows. But anyways, God has bestowed us with a clever brain and we have learnt to tackle this problem of less space by making things that requires not much space and also fulfill its purpose.

Sofa Beds – A sofa maybe your best option if you want to put up guests and relatives in comfort, but don’t have rooms to spare. According to the space one can opt for any kind of sofa bed. The basic four options come in fashionable living room furniture:

1. Bench Style:  The simplest of sofa beds, bench style models have a mattress like base and back, the latter of which folds down to create an instant bed. Of all the models, this type is the one model that can be as comfortable as any normal bed, and if you are likely to only occasionally fold the bed back into a sofa, it’s the best choice.

2. Pull Out: This model looks like a standard sofa and is available in a range of styles. The bed frame and mattress, which are folded and concealed inside the sofa base, are pulled up and outwards to form the bed. It may include storage space to store a quilt and pillows, and is usually heavy.

3. Corner: Corner sofa beds typically comprise two seated sofa and a chaise which forms the corner unit. The bed section comes out from the base of the sofa section, either with a pull out action or as a pop up truckle. These sofa beds also sometimes feature storage space, which is useful for storing bed linen.

4. Futon: A futon style sofa bed usually has a frame that is made of wood or metal and a choice of mattress thickness and materials. The two basic types are bi-fold sofa beds, which fold back like bench-style sofa beds and tri-fold, whereby the mattress is folded into three sections to make a more compact sofa.

We have enough options and there is one for everyone. So why not enjoy the company of dear ones without the headache of where to put them for sleep!

Livening up with colours

I happened to visit my old uncle few days back. Age has definitely taken toll on him and he is not as healthy as he used to be in the pink of his years. But then that is understandable. When I entered his room, he was lying on the bed and staring at the ceiling. I just stood there observing him. I could make out how bored and listless life has become for him. Though I couldn’t do much to relieve him of old age health issues but surely I could do something to liven up his bedroom and change the whole ambiance. To begin with I decided to change the curtains and the rugs of the room. The bright cheBedroom Furnishingsery colours would add lots of life in the room. I thought of buying curtains online. Both I and uncle had a look on many home furnishings curtains . There was one I liked particularly as it had wide collection of cotton fabric curtain and multi coloured curtains. The choice for bathmats rugs was also immense.