How to Display a Bookcase?

A bookcase makes a statement about your personality; all your interests are on display in the form of your preferences in literature. However, its shelves are not limited to the containment of books. You can display virtually anything in a bookcase, any way you want; the possibilities are endless.

  • Showcase your hobbies and interests so that your home and wooden¬†bookcases are a reflection of you.
  • Unify items on your bookcase by theme, colour, shape, texture, material or function. Showcase your collections together to give emphasis to your display.
  • Stack books in various ways to create different visual lines for your bookshelf. Rather than lining all your books up like soldiers, stack a few of them lying down or let some lean against items on your bookcase.
  • A great idea is to layer your shelf by placing taller objects in the back and working your way to the front with progressively shorter objects.
  • Display artwork, medals and trophies on your bookcase to accentuate your personality. Who ever said a bookcase is only meant to display books?