Knitted Pouffes and Cubes Footstool

The latest sitting style which has revolutionized all the sitting space is pouffes. Cubes, spheres, elongated squares; they come in different fun and exciting shapes. Just like an Aeron chair chalked out the ordinary desk chairs in 1994, this seating revolution has brought a new change in this era. It looks sophisticated yet very homely and comfortable. These pouffes can blend in with any kind of home setting be it traditional, contemporary, electic, asian etc.

The latest eye catching pouffes and cubes to its wide range of home furnishings, carefully hand knitted by skilled craftsmen. The shades used are very pleasant to the eyes and will draw compliments to your home styling for sure.

Knitted Pouffe and Cubes from Homescapes

Knitted Pouffe and Cubes from Homescapes

Sheesham Wood Furniture

Sheesham Wood  is the best material for making home furniture. Many styles are comes in this type of wooden furniture  such as sheesham wood coffee tables, nest of tables, Drum, Blanket Box and bedside cabinets. These all are available in latest contemporary designs. Absolutely a true combination of art and perfection, so far our assortments of sheesham furniture are widely accepted by our prestigious customers. Our complete range of sheesham wood furniture can be customized as per the requirement of your home decor. So just check out what we got for you

Sheesham Wood Coffee Table:  These beautiful coffee tables are best in quality and are appreciated for a perfect blend with your home decor.  Apart from its practical use it comes out as an artistic piece of furniture. It is solid, rustic and full of character. This colonial furniture range will be fully at home in country settings and will equally charm a modern interior. All these wooden furniture are exclusively designed and are available in the market at competitive prices.

Takhat Small Coffee Table

Homescapes Small Coffee Table

Sheesham Wood Nest of Tables: We are engaged in manufacturing and supplying a quality range of sheesham wood nest of tables. These handmade Takhat Nest of Three Tables,100% solid Sheesham wood is made by the skilled craftsmen using traditional techniques.

Takhat Nest of 3 Tables

Homescapes Nest of 3 Tables

Sheesham Wood Bed Side Cabinet: Our high quality sheesham wood bed side cabinet is famous for its dependability, beauty, and its style. It consists of all kind of shelves which assist in storing and displaying.

Takhat Bed Side Cabinet

Homescapes Bed Side Cabinet

Top 5 designs for cushions

Decorative Scatter Cushions

Top 5 designs for cushions

Cushions are known to add beauty, calmness and personality to a home’s décor and aesthetic. Available in myriad shapes and sizes, these cushions can transform a simple and unnoticed corner of your home into a spectacular space. However one needs to be careful while choosing the cushions as different sizes and designs signify different things. We have compiled the top 5 designs along with their significance that can help you choose the best cushions for your home.

Multi-coloured or single coloured Sequins

If you’re planning to revamp your living space and add a touch of glitter and glamour then decorative cushions with sequined designs are the best options. A cushion can be fully sequined or can be partially sequined, it can have multi-coloured sequins or single-coloured sequins; the idea is to select the sequined design that complements the vibe of your living space and adds to it effortlessly. Sequined designs can also look great on scatter home cushions placed in your lobby area.

Patchwork designs

Patchwork might be old but it still carries the same charm and uniqueness. Patchwork looks great on large cushions which you can place in your bedrooms or in your living room. You can have cushions with creatively designed patches such as heart shaped patches, patches of different kinds of flowers, patches of small or large bows, patches of faces of famous public personalities etc.

Vintage designs

Perfect for large cushions and scatter cushions, vintage designs are sure to appeal those who like to experiment and want to add a subtle touch of the old era to their home décor. You can have vintage designs with prints of faces of famous actors and actresses such as Marilyn Monroe and Audrey Hepburn from the old times, prints of vintage telephones and gramophones, monochrome prints of people wearing vintage clothes and much more.

‘All things travel’ designs

For the avid travellers who consider themselves the citizens of the world, travel designs can be perfect. Travel oriented prints make a home feel like a travel museum. Ideal for home large cushions and cheap cushions, these prints can depict various world famous travel destinations, beaches, monuments, Seven Wonders of the World or even post cards and travel tickets of different places.

Stripes and checks

There are some things that are best left simple and cheap cushions and scatter cushions definitely belong to this category. You can buy these cushions of different colours and place them together in the bedrooms and the lobby area. Stripes and checks also make for great prints for these cushions. Monochrome checks and stripes are a huge rage this season.

Best Possible Ways to Reinvent your Home

When your home starts to feel stylistically stale, it’s tempting to imagine what you’d do with unlimited funds and an army of contractors. Big fixes go a long way, but don’t get caught up in something drastic when a smaller change — such as adding a rug or installing new flooring — can bring a static room into a different light. If you’re looking to change your space without a complete overhaul, consider some of these smaller tweaks.

Do More With Your Floor:  That space at your feet can significantly impact your room as there are some dramatic options with your flooring. If you have old wall-to-wall carpet, rip it up and replace it with new carpet. Use floor cushions or floor rugs if you don’t wish to redo the whole floor.

Add Spice with Accessories: Tie the room together with accessories. There are a number of options depending on your style and can include throws, rugs, pillows, candles, dried flowers etc. that appeal to you.

Replace your old Upholstery: Give your well-used cushions an inexpensive makeover with stylish new upholstery. Mixing and matching fabrics can help create a new feel in your living room. Add a few pillows to complete the transformation.  Coloured Cushion Covers can also be used in case you are not in a mood to replace your old cushions. Look at homescapesonline for cushion covers.

Make it more than just a wall: Turn your wall into a conversation piece by hanging wall accessories from Homescapes. Choose from the wide range of wall hanging for your wall and make it more than just a wall.

Figure out for furniture: Furniture is one of the main acts in your room reinvention, but don’t think you have to drop a fortune on a new set. If you wish to change your furniture go for Dakota wood or mango wood as they are functional and durable.

Easy Home Decor Ideas

In today’s busy world, everyone think of having a well decorated home, Home decorating is an issue which has been on the top of the list of concern for the people, if you are looking for the ideas how to decorate your home in the best possible way, we are here to provide you a bunch of new ideas which you can implement them at your home so that it looks all new. Here are a few simple ideas for the decoration of your home.

Painting: Using different colours of paint can provide a cool look to the interiors of your home. The days are gone when people used to paint the whole home with one colour. Pick up your paint brush and paint your favourite wall with your favourite colour. This gives a modern look to your home and certainly it adds to the beauty of your interiors.

Curtains: A good curtain at the entrance of your house can charm the person entering your house at the very first look. The first impression has a lot to do while someone is coming for the first time to your house. A good and quality curtain can impress them about your taste for goods things as well as the choice of beautiful things.

Bring the Outdoors In: One of the easiest things you can do to freshen up your home is to add fresh flowers, branches, and even leaves from your own yard. It’s inexpensive and fun! Artificial flowers can also be used in place of fresh flowers u can put them in a decorative aluminium vase for high impact.

Rearrange Your Furnishings: A quick switch can dramatically alter the look and feel of a room by changing the flow and the focal point. You don’t have to move everything around, though. Try swapping a chair from the family room with one you have in the bedroom or even a mirror from one room with a piece of art from another. Small changes really can have a big impact.

Set Up an Entry Moment: The first and sometimes only part of your home guests see is the front entry. If you want to change the welcoming point of your home, start by putting a welcome doormats  at your door step adding new potted plants to your porch or buying nice house numbers. Don’t forget the interior. Adding a bench or even a basket for mail can make your home seem more inviting.