Knitted Pouffes and Cubes Footstool

The latest sitting style which has revolutionized all the sitting space is pouffes. Cubes, spheres, elongated squares; they come in different fun and exciting shapes. Just like an Aeron chair chalked out the ordinary desk chairs in 1994, this seating revolution has brought a new change in this era. It looks sophisticated yet very homely and comfortable. These pouffes can blend in with any kind of home setting be it traditional, contemporary, electic, asian etc.

The latest eye catching pouffes and cubes to its wide range of home furnishings, carefully hand knitted by skilled craftsmen. The shades used are very pleasant to the eyes and will draw compliments to your home styling for sure.

Knitted Pouffe and Cubes from Homescapes

Knitted Pouffe and Cubes from Homescapes

Sheesham Wood Furniture

Sheesham Wood  is the best material for making home furniture. Many styles are comes in this type of wooden furniture  such as sheesham wood coffee tables, nest of tables, Drum, Blanket Box and bedside cabinets. These all are available in latest contemporary designs. Absolutely a true combination of art and perfection, so far our assortments of sheesham furniture are widely accepted by our prestigious customers. Our complete range of sheesham wood furniture can be customized as per the requirement of your home decor. So just check out what we got for you

Sheesham Wood Coffee Table:  These beautiful coffee tables are best in quality and are appreciated for a perfect blend with your home decor.  Apart from its practical use it comes out as an artistic piece of furniture. It is solid, rustic and full of character. This colonial furniture range will be fully at home in country settings and will equally charm a modern interior. All these wooden furniture are exclusively designed and are available in the market at competitive prices.

Takhat Small Coffee Table

Homescapes Small Coffee Table

Sheesham Wood Nest of Tables: We are engaged in manufacturing and supplying a quality range of sheesham wood nest of tables. These handmade Takhat Nest of Three Tables,100% solid Sheesham wood is made by the skilled craftsmen using traditional techniques.

Takhat Nest of 3 Tables

Homescapes Nest of 3 Tables

Sheesham Wood Bed Side Cabinet: Our high quality sheesham wood bed side cabinet is famous for its dependability, beauty, and its style. It consists of all kind of shelves which assist in storing and displaying.

Takhat Bed Side Cabinet

Homescapes Bed Side Cabinet

Dark & Solid Wood Coffee Table for graceful interiors

The coffee tables are an indispensable part of furniture items displayed in the house and are openly splashed about in dens and different rooms. The height of the dark wood coffee tables reaches up to the level of the seat cushions of the other furniture items, generally and is used mostly to serve tea or coffee to the people. But listen here, if you feel like placing a cup of tea and rest your book on the same platform – coffee table is the answer for you!

Mangat Square Coffee Table

Homescapes Square Coffee Table

Functions of coffee tables

Traditionally wooden coffee tables were recognized to be rectangular in dimensions and of a short height but now a variety of different styles and designs are available.


Placing a cup on the table is no longer the only function of the coffee tables, it’s considered to be an integral part of the décor of the house nowadays.

To display decoration pieces

Since the middle of the 20th century coffee table is taken as a significant part of the home furniture. It’s the attention grabber in your rooms and one can display a large variety of decorative accessories on it. A crystal vase sitting atop a dark & solid wood coffee table in an animal shape is a sure shot breath taker.

The dark mahogany, the light oak, or the solid dark wood coffee table each possesses its own superior grace and can be purchased at any furniture shop at very reasonable prices. They can fix into a corner as a triangle or an angular table or occupy center stage in a square, circular or rectangular shape.

Unique in character

How to choose a right coffee table? Heard about the Dakota coffee table? Each and every table that is got from the Dakota range has a unique character. Each and every one of the coffee table is prepared out of solid Indian Mango wood and this is the reason why you will never see another coffee table of a similar grain. Each table has a different color shade to boast of and speaks volumes about its originality and natural origins. It’s a great way to stay environment friendly and generally is available in fully assembled form, but you can order for a knocked-down version as well.

Storing space

The coffee tables come with drawers and so offer a neat space to tuck away all those expensive baubles dear to your heart. But hey! You can also use it to store the yummy goodies needed at hand always. Stack some gourmet goodies like biscuits etc. away from the peering eyes. Place the tea and coffee trays along with the newspaper for reading later. This will help organize the clutter and help store the errant stuffs in a neat manner at a proper place.

Don’t despair if you don’t want plain wood. You can choose a wooden coffee table with a sturdy glass top. The main body of the coffee can be intricately carved so that it shows beneath the glass. Another thing to be kept in mind is that the bedroom coffee tables face more rough use than the drawing room pieces, so the option of a glass table should be reconsidered!

Groove Oak Shade Coffee Table

Homescapes Groove Shade Coffee Table

Bring Natural Light in Your Home and Office

Human body cycle works according to its external conditions, as a person living in a better environment certainly feels better in various perspectives. Natural light and heat are two most important factors associated with each other; which can significantly change the performance of human body.

Increasing the amount of natural light can not only affect us physically or psychologically but also financially as it can save loads of electricity. In terms of physical fitness it helps in reduction of eyestrain and leads to better vision and psychologically it leads to better mood and improved concentration which is quite important with current lifestyle. Only few below mentioned changes in the home decor and interiors can improve the amount and quality of natural light in your home.

1)         Maximize light using large window panels and sheer curtains or pulling back curtains if you are using heavy material versions. Fold the shades or blinds as well whenever not required. Do not keep heavy furniture near window area; because that may come in the passage of natural light.

2)       Use lighter shades of colours on walls so that walls can reflect the amount of natural light. If you have used darker shades on wall then use upholstery in lighter tones.

3)       Using mirrors in opposite to the source of natural light can also increase the amount of light in room as they will reflect and spread the light across the whole room.

4)       If your house has limited windows or there is no window in the hallway then you can use glass with grill doors depending upon your budget and security requirements.

5)       You can also use skylights if they are within your budget as they can create a good atmosphere in day as well as night.

So, now you can easily make your home harmonious, environment friendly as well as pocket friendly by opting for any of the above mentioned changes without restoring your home.

Living Room – Must Have

Living room is kind of a space where you spend most of your time, be it with your family or even yourself. If some guests visit your place, the first thing they notice is your living room. If you have a well maintained living room, then there is no need for a separate drawing room. So if you are planning to redesign your living room give a quick look on some aspects:

1) Furniture: – Your living room must have a foot stools/ pouffes, a central table and storage armories, if you don’t have a separate dining area you can put your dining table in the living room.The style of your furniture could be of your choice, you can have Dakota wood nest table, small coffee table,wooden TV cabinet etc. you may also have a book rack at the corner of your living room with an arm chair to study.

2) Wall Color: – Your Living room walls create the first impression of your home and your lifestyle. So you must look for the best option you have. Generally the room is single color is tiresome room; you can play with the walls by painting and by using different color at each wall. You can decorate your walls by hanging wall pictures and mirror.

3)Accessories: – Every living room must have different accessories like cozy and stylish rugs, which are quite common these days, they not only create the warmth in the room but add to the beauty of the room too.You can also hang stylish ready made cotton curtains in your room. They add to the elegance of the living room. Last but not least you can place decorative cushions and pillows add to the coziness of the room.

So just by adding furniture, wall color and accessories to your living room, you can give it a modern and stylish look. So what are you waiting for? Start working on your living room now.