Dark & Solid Wood Coffee Table for graceful interiors

The coffee tables are an indispensable part of furniture items displayed in the house and are openly splashed about in dens and different rooms. The height of the dark wood coffee tables reaches up to the level of the seat cushions of the other furniture items, generally and is used mostly to serve tea or coffee to the people. But listen here, if you feel like placing a cup of tea and rest your book on the same platform – coffee table is the answer for you!

Mangat Square Coffee Table

Homescapes Square Coffee Table

Functions of coffee tables

Traditionally wooden coffee tables were recognized to be rectangular in dimensions and of a short height but now a variety of different styles and designs are available.


Placing a cup on the table is no longer the only function of the coffee tables, it’s considered to be an integral part of the décor of the house nowadays.

To display decoration pieces

Since the middle of the 20th century coffee table is taken as a significant part of the home furniture. It’s the attention grabber in your rooms and one can display a large variety of decorative accessories on it. A crystal vase sitting atop a dark & solid wood coffee table in an animal shape is a sure shot breath taker.

The dark mahogany, the light oak, or the solid dark wood coffee table each possesses its own superior grace and can be purchased at any furniture shop at very reasonable prices. They can fix into a corner as a triangle or an angular table or occupy center stage in a square, circular or rectangular shape.

Unique in character

How to choose a right coffee table? Heard about the Dakota coffee table? Each and every table that is got from the Dakota range has a unique character. Each and every one of the coffee table is prepared out of solid Indian Mango wood and this is the reason why you will never see another coffee table of a similar grain. Each table has a different color shade to boast of and speaks volumes about its originality and natural origins. It’s a great way to stay environment friendly and generally is available in fully assembled form, but you can order for a knocked-down version as well.

Storing space

The coffee tables come with drawers and so offer a neat space to tuck away all those expensive baubles dear to your heart. But hey! You can also use it to store the yummy goodies needed at hand always. Stack some gourmet goodies like biscuits etc. away from the peering eyes. Place the tea and coffee trays along with the newspaper for reading later. This will help organize the clutter and help store the errant stuffs in a neat manner at a proper place.

Don’t despair if you don’t want plain wood. You can choose a wooden coffee table with a sturdy glass top. The main body of the coffee can be intricately carved so that it shows beneath the glass. Another thing to be kept in mind is that the bedroom coffee tables face more rough use than the drawing room pieces, so the option of a glass table should be reconsidered!

Groove Oak Shade Coffee Table

Homescapes Groove Shade Coffee Table

Let the water drip on to a luxury bath mat

Want to convert your bathroom routine into a pleasurable and more personal activity? Then step royally into the soothing softness of Bath Mats rugs that will prove to be a treat for your tired toes. The Luxury Bath mats are super- soft polyester rugs that are used to dry and support your feet after a bath. The superior comfort rendered by the fast drying and ultra-absorbent prevents the bathroom from ending up as a watery bath tub. They help in keep the bathroom dry and skid resistant. Let’s see what should make our choice:

Fabric used
These Bath mats are available in different materials like cotton or polyester. The Cotton bathmat is soft and always retains its original freshness. The mats are made out of naturally stain resistant materials and remain perked up for years to come.

These rich textured bathroom mats are available in vibrant steadfast colors and can be easily washed in the washing machine. Do you remember how it feels when you step out of the bath on a cold chilly morning and you have to place your feet on the freezing floor? Well, no more, just spread out the famous stylish bath mat and enjoy a luxurious experience of a lifetime.

When one finishes the bath the water droplets slip on to the floor and make it slippery wet. The bath mats make sure that one doesn’t slip or fall in the bathroom; rather the wet feet sink into welcome and warm curled polyester luxury bath mats. They add to the décor of the bathroom and bring a splash of color to the drab and cold bathroom.

The bathrooms mats need to be kept clean and dry so that there is no mould formation in the mats. Bathroom mats are of two types. One of the mats is placed inside the bathtub and the other one gets a place outside the bathtub. The one placed inside the tub prevents the person from skidding inside the tub and the one outside acts as a drying carpet. It absorbs the water.

Flag Stars and Stripes Bathmat

Flag Stars and Stripes Bathmat

Anti mildew
Generally the bath mat sets are like a thick towel and they have a rubber edging attached to the back that helps it to stick to the floor and preventing movement. This rubber base also makes sure that mildew does not collect under the mat and air circulates freely.

Bathroom size
The total area that you want to cover decides the size of the mats. It should provide adequate coverage and also needs to be proportionate to the size of the bathtub. They come in different shapes and one can spread out more than one rug in the bathroom, one near the sink, one long runner bath mat rug, etc. The basic shape and size of the bathroom will help in deciding the size of mat. And by the way take care that when the door is opened the rug doesn’t stop the movement.

These bath mat sets are for the bathroom and water constantly drips on to them, they are walked on regularly, so they need to be made out of very durable material. The non-slip surface, cushioned pile weave, machine washable, and rubber backing on base should be the basis for the choice.

Leave white color for your dresses, they just may not look white anymore if spread out in the bathrooms.

Decorate Your Homes With Exquisite Furniture Items

It’s the intricately carved and sturdy furniture pieces that end up making the home look like a home. The much needed panache and style to the home is added by various items made out of wood, and they become the attractive focal points of a room by adding a distinctive appeal to the interiors. Wooden furniture for homes is created out of different woods like mango wood, sheesham wood or just simple Dakota furniture.

Dakota furniture

These exquisite furniture pieces are created innovatively by skilled craftsmen who show their immense talent in hand crafting wood. Hundred percent solid mango woods is used for these pieces .There is a lot of care and skill that is focused towards the creation of these pieces and they in turn help to create an aura of warm and a friendly ambience.

The whole process involves procuring the best quality wood, treating it with the right materials, and then the craftsmen intricately carve the furniture items. But don’t you worry, the intricate work does not make the furniture pieces delicate, these beautiful wood items are strong, durable and sturdy. It has been seen that Dark Shade Dakota furniture pieces have found a strategic placement in homes for generations to come. They are displayed proudly for years and years. They may be found in two shades namely oak and dark shade.
Mango wood furniture

The bark of the mango is cut and treated and then used for making furniture items. This wood is treated to make it eco sustainable and comfortable. These mango wood furniture items are hand crafted mostly and are made after the mango wood is kiln dried properly. Have you ever seen those vintage houses possess elephants carved on wood?
These elephants stand majestically straight with raised trunks and are considered lucky mascots in a variety of cultures. This solid wood promises the user years and years of service and can accommodate huge load of weight if placed on them. The Mango wood furniture on which carvings are done have some visible marks and natural inclusions. Don’t worry about them as they add to the beauty and structural integrity of the furniture pieces.


Sheesham wood furniture

Sheesham wood furniture occupies one of the top most positions in furniture items. Its top quality wood and is got from a straight upright deciduous tree. The color of the furniture wood ranges from oak color, golden to dark brown, etc. The wood is extremely durable and is used widely for various purposes like boat making, wooden furniture, floorings, etc. The sheesham wood furniture is made attractive by hand crafting and is not affected by dry wood termites.

Sheesham wood furniture is also called Indian rosewood furniture and is classified amongst most people as a “wooden wonder”. The furniture has an ethnic look and is world known for its grainy texture and elegance. The wooden furniture is exquisitely carved by skilled craftsmen and is available in the form of trays, stools, wooden bench sets, bar units and round table sets. This furniture is taken as one of the finest veneer timbers and gives a feel of the colonial times

Enhance the looks with beautiful Throws

Green-Sofa-ThrowsBe it a modern, traditional, contemporary or eclectic designed homes, bed throws in the room has a place in each style. Lots of color, pattern and designs always helps to elevate the mood of the space and this can be easily achieved in the living room with the use of colorful sofa throws.

There are number of ways it can be put to use. Either throw it on the back of the sofa or drape it on one side of the couch or roll it into a basket and place it on a table or spread it on the seat of the sofa.

Throws are available in ample fabrics and styles. If planning to redo your living room then many good stores can be taken into consideration like the Debenhams, Houseoffraser, Nationaltrust. There is a wide range of home bed throws, sofa throws and blankets available with lots of designs and styles and with wide choice of fabrics like cotton, acrylic, organic, woolen etc.

The drabbest of living room can look cheerful and welcoming with the right choice of curtains, rugs, scatter cushions and bed and sofa throws.

Top 5 designs for cushions

Decorative Scatter Cushions

Top 5 designs for cushions

Cushions are known to add beauty, calmness and personality to a home’s décor and aesthetic. Available in myriad shapes and sizes, these cushions can transform a simple and unnoticed corner of your home into a spectacular space. However one needs to be careful while choosing the cushions as different sizes and designs signify different things. We have compiled the top 5 designs along with their significance that can help you choose the best cushions for your home.

Multi-coloured or single coloured Sequins

If you’re planning to revamp your living space and add a touch of glitter and glamour then decorative cushions with sequined designs are the best options. A cushion can be fully sequined or can be partially sequined, it can have multi-coloured sequins or single-coloured sequins; the idea is to select the sequined design that complements the vibe of your living space and adds to it effortlessly. Sequined designs can also look great on scatter home cushions placed in your lobby area.

Patchwork designs

Patchwork might be old but it still carries the same charm and uniqueness. Patchwork looks great on large cushions which you can place in your bedrooms or in your living room. You can have cushions with creatively designed patches such as heart shaped patches, patches of different kinds of flowers, patches of small or large bows, patches of faces of famous public personalities etc.

Vintage designs

Perfect for large cushions and scatter cushions, vintage designs are sure to appeal those who like to experiment and want to add a subtle touch of the old era to their home décor. You can have vintage designs with prints of faces of famous actors and actresses such as Marilyn Monroe and Audrey Hepburn from the old times, prints of vintage telephones and gramophones, monochrome prints of people wearing vintage clothes and much more.

‘All things travel’ designs

For the avid travellers who consider themselves the citizens of the world, travel designs can be perfect. Travel oriented prints make a home feel like a travel museum. Ideal for home large cushions and cheap cushions, these prints can depict various world famous travel destinations, beaches, monuments, Seven Wonders of the World or even post cards and travel tickets of different places.

Stripes and checks

There are some things that are best left simple and cheap cushions and scatter cushions definitely belong to this category. You can buy these cushions of different colours and place them together in the bedrooms and the lobby area. Stripes and checks also make for great prints for these cushions. Monochrome checks and stripes are a huge rage this season.

Decorate Your Kid’s Room with Homescapes Area Rugs

Rugs for Kids are a simple way to make their room colorful and exciting. Kids love to sprawl on the rugs while reading or when they indulge in playing activities. Colourful rugs for your kid’s room add lively interest and playtime pattern to their bedrooms and playroom. In addElephant Rugition, they’re a terrific patterned alternative to expensive wallpapers and custom paint techniques. Even with the plain white walls that are often necessary in rented homes and apartments, these rug designs can instantly spark up the look of a child’s room. Rugs are a good option, too, for kids who change their minds about what is their “favorite” thing. Whereas you might think twice abHippo Rugout removing themed wallpaper or painting over a custom mural, it’s a pretty easy decision to just roll up a themed area rugs and put down a new one as your child’s interests mature.

These rugs lend themselves wonderfully to fanciful playtime, with designs that include football, butterfly, hippo and more.

Get Oriental This Easter with Homescapes Jacquard Throw

Homescapes Handwoven Jaquard Throw

Hello Folks! Treat yourself and your loved ones this Easter with the beautiful Indian style jacquard throw in a paisley design for free. Yes! This beautiful Viscos paisley throw which is worth £29.99 comes to you as a free gift with purchase above £99.99!!

You are going to love this. Soft and chic like pashmina this throw with tassels can easily change the whole ambiance. When spread on a sofa or a bed it adds a warm and oriental atmosphere to your interiors. This versatile throw can be used as a sofa spread, tablecloth, and light blanket or even as a shawl or stole.

There are some truly amazing offers this Easter. You could have the most enviable table linen or the most comfortable bedding .

Make this Easter special with beautiful  interior products and enjoy department store quality, direct from the manufacturer.