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Floor Cushions: My Latest Infatuation!

I have had this opportunity of making friends with a Japanese girl. We are together in a Norwich University College of the Arts. My upbringing has been typical English and just to mingle with a person of absolute diverse cultural background has been a great experience for me. To my surprise I have started liking many things about their culture. I love the way they bond with their family and simple lifestyle they follow.Image

One thing that I have practically started following is sitting cross legged on the floor. Oh! Having a meal sitting on the floor was not easy for me in the beginning. I started using floor cushion for this purpose. Now my dining space has a low table not much above the ground level with colourful cotton floor cushions scattered around it. My friends and guests love sitting on them and sipping the green tea I offer. Most of the chairs and English furniture I had is now lying in the attic and I love having the East Asian style home decor. My room does not look crowded and I feel at peace when I sit and do my college projects or anything. One of my friend was so impressed with my latest infatuation of sitting on the floor cushions that she particularly asked me, where I got them from. The store I selected them from had it in all the styles. They were in designer prints, checks, stripes and solid plain colours. I am very fond of bright plain shades therefore the Home decor cushions  that I bought were all in different beautiful plain colours.

If we start doing something which is different from the typical style we have been following for ages, let me assure you works as a great stress buster. At least it did for me. Make some changes in your life as well and feel the difference. Cheers!